Contemporary Artists from the Netherlands Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton Collection

An artistic reportage that explores the creativity of a culture devoted to cosmopolitanism, and through these images reveals a country where Art is interpreted as an element of shared values. A collection in which 141 Dutch artists experiment and bear witness to an extraordinary ability to express energy, dynamism, flexibility, tension. Artists who turn their eyes to the horizon to interpret the currents of our time: at times serene, at times harrowing and disorienting. With gezelligheid, that special atmosphere of reciprocity and a shared aesthetic that is at the heart of Dutch culture.

A book from Imago Mundi Benetton.


All the works were exhibited in the show; “Join the Dots / Unire le distanze”. It was hosted in the Salone degli Incanti, ex Pescheria, the city’s splendid exhibition space overlooking the sea.

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