Pure Series

Art in its purest form evolves through a show case of paintings named the Pure Series. 

Here in the Pure Series, pigments and tools are highlighted by overwhelming the canvas limiting the touches of the pallet to tones of silver, white and light grey/blue. Through a light block or a dark wide brush stroke, Pure paintings emerged creating a mist of purity sprayed onto a frame catching the eye, the heart and the soul, bringing calmness, peace and tranquility to the mind. Pure it is.

In her earlier work, Lynn used bold and active brush strokes on large canvases. It was about ‘movement, drive and joy.’

In the Pure Series, Lynn’s artistic passion has taken on a new tone. It is a reflection of re-capturing and appreciating purity through her colours, brush strokes and textures. It is returning purity back to a world that has lost its way. It is about changing the mood, the perception and the sad reality we live in, by indulging and injecting, purity through art, back into our values, our hearts, our minds, our homes and our world.

 ” Purity back into our Soul ”